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    How safe are "Low Voltage" Systems?. ;by Ryan Jackson  As you would agree, the world of electricity is full of misconceptions and misunderstandings. ...<more> (pdf)   

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Protect you versus microbes. While different mineral water treatment systems have varying amounts of effectiveness, nearly all slow up the levels of microbes in your tap. Viruses, germs, and parasites just like Giardia and Cryptosporidium parvum can all be found in well along with some municipal mineral water supplies, and all of the microbes can make your household sick. By filtering your supply, it is possible to reduce any populations of the pathogens in the lake you use regarding drinking, bathing, and washing. Reverse osmosis systems are extremely effective treatments regarding eliminating microbes.
Reduce lead in your water supply. Regardless of whether your municipal water supply will not contain significant amounts of lead, what comes from your tap might. Exactly how is this doable? It's because the actual lead actually arises from your house! Lead in outdated pipes and solder can certainly leach into your own supply and create medical concerns for your household. However, many whole house water filtration process options can eliminate the lead from your own home's tap, preventing your household from ingesting that potentially hazardous material.
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If you are looking for a restaurant quality water filtration system, you're going to have to spend some a lot of money. Most of these are not found at any local home improvement centers and can be quite costly to install at your residence.

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Before you acquire any home water pool filter, I would recommend that you do some research around the topic. Try to get other's opinions who have these kind of systems in their house already, or have already removed the ones that don't work correctly. These people may be great sources regarding valuable information.